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Who are we?
   The Catenian Association is an international brotherhood of proudly Catholic 
   business and professional men. 
   We meet socially once a month  at local branches or "Circles".
  The Association was founded in Manchester in 1908 as  "The Chums".

  Currently there are more than10,000 members in the United Kingdom and overseas.

  The name "Catenian" comes from the Latin word Catena which means chain. 
  as a chain is made of links, so are we.
  Each member and their Circle linked together by shared aims to form
   the Catenian Association.

   Those aims are-

  • To foster brotherly love and social bonds among the members and their families.
  • To promote and advance the interests of young Catholics.
  • To provide financial help to members, widows and their children when necessary. 

  •    We are non-political,

  • We are not a fund raising agency, Nor a Catholic pressure group

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