What do we exist for?

The family is an important part of Catenian life,and this is reflected in the events and activities that take place during the year.


 The Circle organises its own meetings and social events, which vary from pub lunches, skittles matches to concerts and theatre trips.


 Visiting between different Circles and joining in with each other's events is common. You are sure of a hearty welcome wherever you go.


Details of meetings and events both nationally and internationally are published in our monthly magazine "Catena". 


In the event of moving house, a member and his family can immediately become part of their new Catholic community through contact with the local Circle.


 Special Masses are celebrated each year to remember deceased members and their families, for vocations, and on Circle President's Sunday. 


Each Circle has a shared responsibility for the welfare of Circle widows, including access to funding if required for their needs.They are always invited to join in with Circle events.

 A Recent Event

Laura Parsons, from Yate, has been given an award of £450 from the Bursary Fund to assist with her volunteering on a VSO project as a teacher of numeracy and literacy to 3-8 year olds in Villaprum near Pondicherry on the coast of Tamil Nadu.

Pictured (From the left) Christopher Richardson ( Bath Circle) Laura, her mother Cathy and Fr Jim Williams after Mass at St Paul's, Yate. When Christopher had the opportunity to explain who and what are the Catenians.  





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