Summary of planned events for the year




President's Provisional Programme 2019 - 2020.



April :

15th :            Circle Meeting and Installation of Officers.

21st :            Easter Sunday

29th :            Council

30th :            GLABS


May :

17th - 19th :   National Conference in Liverpool

20th :           Circle Meeting AGM

24th :           Abergavenny's Big Break

27th :           Council

28th :           GLABS

16th :           Cream Tea and Croquet Taster Session at Camerton and Peasdown Croquet                          

                   Club (Evening session starting with tea at 5 p.m.)

June :

2nd  :           Provincial President's Sunday.

7th  :            Provincial Golf at Monmouthshire G.C. Abergavenny

17th :           Circle Meeting and Ladies Night To be attended by Fr Bernard Phelan of                              


23rd :           Corpus Christi Mass and Procession at Prior Park Chapel (possibly with lunch                                         

                   to follow )

24th :           Council

25th :           GLABS

TBA            Provincial Darts at North Glamorgan


July :

13th :            Provincial Council at Aztec West

14th :            Glastonbury Pilgrimage

15th :            Circle Meeting

28th :            President's Sunday . 6 p.m. Mass at St Alphege's Oldfield Park Bath  

29th :            Council

30th :            GLABS


August :

4th   :            Charles and Denise Fingleton "At Home" from midday

12th :            Summer Supper at The Bathwick Boatman

27th :            GLABS

30th :            Iford Arts "Summer Prom" with picnic. At Belcombe House Bradford on Avon.


September :

6th   :             Autumn Provincial Golf Meeting at Thornbury G.C.

8th   :             At Home - John and Ruth

16th :            Circle Meeting and Ladies Night

24th :            GLABS

28th :            Cardiff Circle Centenary

30th :            Council




October :

5th   :            Provincial Council at St Mellons.

13th :            At Home  -  John and Zosia Mill

19th :            Provincial Quiz Night at Newport

21st :            Circle Meeting

28th :            Council

29th :            GLABS


November :

3rd  :             Mass for Deceased Brothers at St Mary'sJulian Road Bath. Followed by

                    lunch at Woods

8th  :             Newport Circle's Centenary

8th - 10th       Provincial weekend at Cwmbran

18th :            Circle Meeting

25th :            Council

26th :            GLABs


December :

16th :            Circle Meeting - Christmas Dinner and Ladies Night


January :

6th   :            Council Meeting (for December)

11th :            Provincial Council at Aztec West

17th :            Swindon Circle Burns Night with Ladies

20th :            Circle Meeting

27th :            Council

28th :            GLABS


February :

 T.B.C.         Mass for Vocations to be held at St John's South Parade Bath,     

17th :            Circle Meeting

24th :            Council

25th :            GLABS


March :

4th   :            Clergy Night with Ladies

16th :            Circle Meeting

30th :            Council

31st :            GLABS